Affiliates Program

Affiliate Program:

Welcome to the Jimmie's Jewelry Affiliate Program

We're excited to have you here to check out our program!

We offer a VERY GENEROUS 10% commission for every order of our products!

You could be thinking that 10% is not very much.

But once you check our inventory, you will see we have products in the hundreds of dollars.

We have many products in the thousands of dollars. Looks good when you do the math.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • When you sign up for our Affiliate Program, you become a partner of Jimmie's Jewelry.
  • Our partnership is not a strict one. You can promote as little or as much as you want!
  • We leave it totally up to you.
  • You will be using a TRACKABLE AFFILIATE LINK with a 30 day cookie period.
  • The cookie is for tracking visitors from your link.
  • When a visitor uses your link, they will have up to 30 days to complete a purchase for you to get credit.
  • The 30 day period is longer than most programs.
  • We also have a coupon that can be used for your marketing efforts.
  • The coupon is for your visitor to get a percentage off their sale.
  • This would make your efforts more attractive.
  • You can post your link and coupon on your social media pages, email, or a website if you have one.
  • You also get your own dashboard to track your visitors and sales. 
  • Payment is made 30 days after your visitor has made a purchase.
  • Payments will be made on the 15th or end of the month.
  • This timeframe is for any cancellations or refunds your visitor may have.
  • We use PayPal for payments. Make sure you use your PayPal email address when signing up for our Affiliate Program.
  • The Minimum Payment is $50.00. This should be easily reached with our jewelry.
  • If you need a different payment method, contact us at 

See our Affiliate Terms of Use for more info.

So what are you waiting for? Start your partnership with Jimmie's Jewelry today!